Creating The World's Fastest Additive Manufacturing Machines.

At SPRYBUILD we create systems of additive manufacturing from photopolymers based on our technology of high-speed continuous three-dimensional printing – CPWC. We intend to revolutionize the industry of additive manufacturing from photopolymers, we strive to provide a product to humanity that implements the functions of high-speed additive manufacturing while preserving natural resources and providing the highest standards of environmental safety.

CPWC technology is the future of:


CPWC technology enables the fabrication of products from materials with different properties: rigid, flexible, resilient or even jelly.


CPWC is the future of prototyping. Get from idea to working prototype in just minutes!


CPWC technology will be useful for bio-printing of artificial organ matrices. For example, to form a plate for a vascular-capillary system.

“By creating CPWC technology, we are opening new opportunities for high-speed additive manufacturing of a wide variety of products from any photopolymers and compositions based on them.”

Oleg Khalip, Founder and CTO

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